Canine teeth cleaning serves the same purpose as a professional cleaning does for humans. This process removed plaque, aids in fighting decay, and reaches spots that regular brushing or dental care might not address. For most dog owners, though, this is something easier said than done. How can you maintain good dental hygiene for anxious and difficult dogs? At Fresh Breath Doggie Dental, we’ve created a mobile service that supports your pet’s health in unique ways.

What is the Process for Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth?

Let’s get acquainted with the service we offer. When you book in with us, what kind of process can you expect from one of our visits?
  • We come to your place of residence to avoid the stress and anxiety that a trip to the vet often induces in your pet. We know how difficult it can be to see your furry friend so distressed, so why not administer this important service in a setting where they already feel comfortable and at ease? Our fully mobile service translates into a simpler experience for our clients.
  • We take time to learn about your dog and build a friendly rapport with him via the process of positive reinforcement. After relaxing your dog, we’ll set them up in a comfortable and restrained position to more easily examine and clean their teeth.
  • We’ll carry out the rest of the appointment from this point forward, with typical appointments lasting about an hour and a half. It’s that simple! Your dog will have cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and full license to return to zooming around the house as there’s no recovery time.

Why Trust Fresh Breath Doggie Dental Regarding Canine Dental Health?

Putting your dog’s health in someone else’s hands always requires some degree of trust. When you call us to visit your home, we want you to feel at ease with our presence, too. Some of the reasons you can trust us include:
  • We’ve been in our industry for two decades and counting, with hands-on experience running Fresh Breath Doggie Dental for more than seven years. In that time, we’ve learned the methods necessary for handling high-anxiety dogs and administering these essential services.
  • We believe strongly in an all-natural approach to canine dental health, including the use of no anaesthesia or other drugs. Rather than put your pet’s body through the stress of anaesthesia, we use other proven methods to make them receptive to teeth cleaning.
  • We’ve worked on animals in prestigious positions, such as the United States Olympic equine team. With our broad understanding of animal dentistry, we can support your pet’s health for a lifetime of health. This level of understanding lets us spot problems and address trouble areas with a greater understanding of the available options.

When you know that your dog’s dental health matters but taking them in for a canine teeth cleaning is a difficult challenge, our service is here to help. With Fresh Breath Doggie Dental, you can tick this item off your to-do list and enjoy fresher breath when your pup goes in for kisses. Contact us today for booking information.

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