Peter Stricker

27 weeks ago

I have two pampered dachshunds, one 12 years old Chilli and the other only 6 years old. Gidget The 12 year old had a conventional dental treatment at the local veterinarian in January of 2017 under anesthesia but things went terribly wrong and Chilli nearly died from this procedure. After blood transfusions and being on drip for several days, he pulled through but I was determined never to put him under this procedure again. I learned about Brian’s anesthesia free method to dental treatment for dogs and am delighted to confirm that dental scaling and teeth cleaning with out sedation was performed at my home with no stress for Chilli. He was cooperative during and after the procedure and his usual chirpy self immediately after the procedure. Gidget is a very timid and gentle soul handled the procedure without difficulty and like Chilli emerged from the teeth cleaning process in a happy disposition. In both cases, Brian confirmed that the teeth needed to be cleaned and I will be having their teeth done by Brian on an annual basis from now on.


9 weeks ago