I’m writing this review to reassure anyone who is considering anaesthetic free dental cleaning for their beloved fur baby.

If you are anything like me you may be nervous about the process, concerned about your pet’s safety, whether it will be painful, the actual procedure/after care, and the results. Brian was very clear and answered all my questions via email and phone. I made the appointment and the day arrived. (I knew that my little dog’s teeth badly needed cleaning, I wasn’t going to risk her health under anaesthetic and I couldn’t keep putting it off, however I was still nervous).

The procedure was exactly as Brian advised. She was very reluctant to put on the striped cloak and during the session there were times when she had enough, Brian gave her a break in the middle of the session and managed her very well. I was so glad I was able to sit there and watch the whole process, this is a big plus for me. After an hour it was over. The results were excellent and she ate and slept well afterwards.

My advice is don’t procrastinate. Make the appointment and rest assured that you are in good company with many other owners who have had very good experiences and most importantly, did not risk the health and safety of their beloved dogs under aneasthesia.

Professional and skilled. I highly recommend this service!


1 Feb 2019