If you’re in or around the Melbourne CBD and you need an excellent dental hygienist for dogs, we’re the perfect option. We offer a mobile service backed by years of industry experience working with animals as an equine dentist and dog and cat dental hygienist. Our services provide your pets comfortable, anaesthesia-free oral cleaning in the comfort of their home. At Fresh Breath Doggie Dental, we treat pets like family.

When Should I Look for Natural Pet Dental

Here’s a list of indicators that you should be using our services:
  • Pets don’t like the vet. It can instil a sense of anxiety and even cause panic. If it tends to be a hassle to get your pets to the vet, our services are the perfect solution. Since we drive out to meet you, your pet can enjoy the calm of their home while we bring back the sparkle to their teeth.
  • Your dog should have their first teeth scaling at one and a half years of age. After that, it we highly recommend that they have it done twice – or at least once – a year. If your dog is of the required age and has not had teeth scaling, you should give us a call. Scaling dog teeth at home is a great way to maintain their oral health and can lead to your dog being healthier overall.
  • If you prefer natural treatment to having your pet undergo anaesthesia, we provide a completely holistic solution to excellent pet dental care. If you’d rather your pet didn’t receive any drugs before treatment, we’re the team for the job.

What You Stand to Gain if You Use Dog Teeth Scaling Without Anaesthesia

You can gain the following if you use our services:
  • We’ll make sure you save money. Anaesthesia is an expensive treatment, especially since it isn’t necessary if your pet cooperates. By letting us clean your pet’s teeth at home, they can remain relaxed, which means they don’t need anaesthesia. You have a happier pet, and you save money.
  • We don’t do any blood work on your pets. Drawing blood can cause panic and pain, and we try to avoid both of those things at all costs. The steps we take are all to ensure your pet remains comfortable and happy.
  • There is no recovery period after our treatment. Your pet won’t be loopy, tired, or in pain. Since we take a holistic approach to clean your pet’s teeth, they will be running around again as soon as we complete the procedure.

Why Trust Us When You Need a Dog Hygienist

Having worked in the industry since 2000, our equine dentist, Brian, has had numerous successes in his field of work. He has experience and higher education in all forms of animal dentistry and now, he runs a strictly no anaesthesia, mobile doggie dental service for all his clients. This approach has left numerous pets healthier and happier.

Pets deserve a quality treatment that doesn’t induce panic. Our services offer the opportunity to provide your pets with a comfortable dental experience that they’ll love. So, if you’re in Melbourne CBD, or within 70km of it, give us a call, and we’ll make your pet’s smile a healthy one.

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