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Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning service.
all of the greater Melbourne area.



Thank you for making the wise choice of exploring a safer and gentler alternative to having your dog or cats teeth cleaned without the use of anesthesia.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to problems like heart,kidney and liver disease diabetes bone loss and a reduced lifespan by up to five years in smaller breeds.

Our prices for dog teeth cleaning are typically between 30% to 50% less than what most veterinarians would charge for a similar procedure.

We are the safest way to have your dog or cat’s teeth cleaned when compared to conventional methods offered by most veterinarians which typically require blood tests anesthesia and drips while in recovery.

Our service doesn’t require any recovery time and your dog or cat can resume normal play as soon as we are finished

At Fresh Breath Doggie Dental we truly love animals and are passionate about help animals in need.

It is our goal to educate pet owners of the dangers that are inherent with neglecting their pets oral health.

Teeth cleaning starting at eighteen months of age and then once a year after that can prevent the health risks from occurring or slow down deterioration that may have already occurred.

Studies have shown that gum disease also know as periodontal disease can shorten your pets life by up to 5 years.
Gum disease can cause serious damage to your pets heart, liver and kidneys if left untreated.
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Take a look at this video of Rex having his teeth cleaned (Rex was a very aggressive dog the first time I cleaned his teeth and had bitten everyone who had ever worked on him in the past accept me )

I quietly worked with him until I gained his trust and acceptance .On his second visit he was a complete angel from the start.

35 years of working with animals allows me to turn around dogs that might seem like they would not tolerate this procedure when in fact most dogs will.

Here is a Teeth cleaning on a dog that is very timid and shy. With dogs like this a take extra time getting acquainted with them before I even set up my equipment as to put them at ease and you can plainly see that he is a very happy boy having his teeth cleaned without the use of anesthesia or sedation whatsoever

Peter Stricker

27 weeks ago

I have two pampered dachshunds, one 12 years old Chilli and the other only 6 years old. Gidget The 12 year old had a conventional dental treatment at the local veterinarian in January of 2017 under anesthesia but things went terribly wrong and Chilli nearly died from this procedure. After blood transfusions and being on drip for several days, he pulled through but I was determined never to put him under this procedure again. I learned about Brian’s anesthesia free method to dental treatment for dogs and am delighted to confirm that dental scaling and teeth cleaning with out sedation was performed at my home with no stress for Chilli. He was cooperative during and after the procedure and his usual chirpy self immediately after the procedure. Gidget is a very timid and gentle soul handled the procedure without difficulty and like Chilli emerged from the teeth cleaning process in a happy disposition. In both cases, Brian confirmed that the teeth needed to be cleaned and I will be having their teeth done by Brian on an annual basis from now on.


9 weeks ago

Eunice Aw

3 Nov 2016

Awesome awesome amazing work Brian did on my hyperactive Maltese x Shih Tzu x poodle, Bailey. Bailey got told off by vets and groomers before because he was too anxious resulting to being aggressive and unfriendly. The fear i had just thinking he might actually bite Brian. But no.. I’m impressed at how well Brian handle him..gentle, friendly, caring yet show leadership. It’s almost like watching a dog show come to life. Highly recommended if you ever need to clean your dogs teeth. To top it off, I got myself some tips to train my little 6 year old and pointers to a healthy dog life.


4 Nov 2016