Peter Stricker

I have two pampered dachshunds, one 12 years old Chilli and the other only 6 years old. Gidget The 12 year old had a conventional dental treatment at the local veterinarian in January of 2017 under anesthesia but things went terribly wrong and Chilli nearly died from this procedure. After blood transfusions and being on drip for several days, he pulled through but I was determined never to put him under this procedure again. I learned about Brian’s anesthesia free method to dental treatment for dogs and am delighted to confirm that dental scaling and teeth cleaning with out sedation was performed at my home with no stress for Chilli. He was cooperative during and after the procedure and his usual chirpy self immediately after the procedure. Gidget is a very timid and gentle soul handled the procedure without difficulty and like Chilli emerged from the teeth cleaning process in a happy disposition. In both cases, Brian confirmed that the teeth needed to be cleaned and I will be having their teeth done by Brian on an annual basis from now on.

Thank you Brian for your professional service.
Both our elderly pugs thank you as well.
No anesthesia dental work on our unruly pugs, very impressive!
You have given them some more time here and are a champion of our four legged friends.
I would highly recommended your services to any dog owner.
Warmest regards,
David, Molly and Brutus.


5 Jan 2019


I’m writing this review to reassure anyone who is considering anaesthetic free dental cleaning for their beloved fur baby.

If you are anything like me you may be nervous about the process, concerned about your pet’s safety, whether it will be painful, the actual procedure/after care, and the results. Brian was very clear and answered all my questions via email and phone. I made the appointment and the day arrived. (I knew that my little dog’s teeth badly needed cleaning, I wasn’t going to risk her health under anaesthetic and I couldn’t keep putting it off, however I was still nervous).

The procedure was exactly as Brian advised. She was very reluctant to put on the striped cloak and during the session there were times when she had enough, Brian gave her a break in the middle of the session and managed her very well. I was so glad I was able to sit there and watch the whole process, this is a big plus for me. After an hour it was over. The results were excellent and she ate and slept well afterwards.

My advice is don’t procrastinate. Make the appointment and rest assured that you are in good company with many other owners who have had very good experiences and most importantly, did not risk the health and safety of their beloved dogs under aneasthesia.

Professional and skilled. I highly recommend this service!


1 Feb 2019


43 weeks ago

Brian took a lot of time by knowing my Bryan, the Pomeranian. And after the dental care is finished, our dog seems very happy. Excellent service, strongly recommend.


4 Nov 2018

I took my twelve year old spoodle to vet who said her teeth needed cleaning and would need to go under general anaesthesia, because of her age I was reluctant to take the risk. I was then told by a friend that she used Brian at Fresh Breath Doggie Dental to clean her dogs teeth and she highly recommend him. I was somewhat sceptical as I am protective of my dog but decided to give it a go and could not be happier with the result. He is amazing!! built a rapport with my dog Lela before commencing, she became very relaxed and comfortable almost fell asleep and she let Brian clean her teeth without any issues or stress. No need to sedate your dog for teeth cleaning, unnecessary. Don’t hesitate to call Fresh Breath Doggie Dental if your dog needs its teeth cleaned, in very good hands with Brian, you won’t be disappointed.


7 Dec 2018

For many excellent reasons, I highly recommend Brian’s Doggie Dental.
Home visits are extremely convenient especially for non drivers and much more relaxed for the dogs. Much cheaper than the vet and without the risk of anesthesia – the gentle expert care taken by Brian was greatly appreciated by my very nervous, flighty Affenpinscher who had, prior to the dental, pretty bad teeth! Now her breath is fresh, she is much happier and so are we!


14 Aug 2018