Be your dog’s best advocate!

I’ve been in the industry of animal dentistry for over 22 years and in that time I have seen a lot of abuse in the form of pet owners having no idea what it takes to properly care for their animals.
This short article is designed to just have you pause for a minute and asked yourself am I doing everything that I can to take care of my dog,cat,horse etc to the best of my ability?
Your pet cannot order the best quality food for itself nor can it make a phone call to book an appointment at your local veterinarian for it’s yearly health check up or teeth cleaning etc.
So here where we are your pet may be very lucky and have an owner that goes the extra mile and does whatever is needed to care for it properly
Now when I say “properly” here’s what I mean by that.
Let’s say for a dog here are the bare minimums that you should be providing.
1: Indoor living.
2: The highest quality food possible (not purchased at the supermarket)
3: Frequent grooming/baths.
4:Exercise on a daily basis.
5:Yearly veterinary examination.
6:Yearly teeth cleaning starting at 18 months of age and daily teeth brushing (Yes that’s right daily teeth brushing) This is so important.
7:Love and affection but without over reacting and causing your dog to become anxious and neurotic.
8:training so that it understands basic commands which will keep your dog safe and others in your community safe as well.
9:Toys to play with and chew.
10:Dental treats.
11:Lots of socializing as a puppy and ongoing.