Like any responsible pet owner, you know when it’s time to make the appointment for your dog’s dental cleaning.

Like any real pet lover, you likely despise having to put your beloved pet through all the trauma of a trip to the veterinarian, not to mention the likely dangers of being placed under anaesthesia for the procedure. Besides, who has time to spend two hours waiting at the veterinarian’s office while your dog is having his teeth cleaned?

If the above sounds like you, we have just the solution for you. Fresh Breath Doggie Dental offers a completely drug and anaesthesia free dog dental care service in the comfort of your home.

How to Check If Your Dog Needs a Pet a Dental Cleaning Before Calling Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

Fact: Up to 80% of pets over the age of two have some form of dental disease or dental pain. Dental pain can be surprisingly hard to identify as your pet is likely to continue feeding fairly normally to survive.
  • Pet dental pain can present in several ways, including bad breath, difficulty eating, pawing at the mouth, or a change in demeanour and behaviour.
  • Discolouration of the teeth or gums, or both, is a sure sign that it is time to book an appointment.
  • If your dog – or cat – is older than one-and-a-half years and has never had teeth cleaning, or if it has been more than six months since the last cleaning, it is probably time to make the appointment.

What You Stand to Gain if You Use Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

Dental problems can be catastrophic to your pet, causing damage to the heart, liver and kidneys. A good dental health plan can contribute to the longevity of your pet, extending life expectancy by up to five years.
  • A trip to the veterinarian for a teeth cleaning can be quite expensive. Our anaesthesia free dog teeth cleaning service is cost-effective, costing on average between 40 and 60% less than the same procedure at a veterinarian.
  • Anaesthesia is always a risk and one that you should approach only as a last resort. Pets are very sensitive to the effects – and potentially harmful, sometimes fatal, after-effects – of anaesthesia.
  • Who has time for an unnecessary – and expensive – trip to the veterinarian’s office? We conveniently take care of your dog dental care at home – your home that is.

Why Trust Fresh Breath Doggie Dental with Your Pet Dental Cleaning?

FWe’ve been offering dog dental cleaning without anaesthesia as a mobile service, in the comfort of your home, since 2013 and we are commonly referred to as a leading pet dental hygienist in Australia.

In addition to the painless, low-stress cleaning procedure, we provide a free diet consultation to ensure that your pet’s diet is not only optimal for its health but also its oral health.
Contact us today to make an appointment. Your dog will love you for it.

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