If you’re looking for quality dog teeth cleaning without anaesthesia, we’re an excellent choice. Our services are entirely mobile, allowing your loving pets to remain in the comfort of their homes while receiving dental care. The experience with us is anxiety and panic free, leaving your pets healthy and happy throughout. At Fresh Breath Doggie Dental, pets always enjoy excellent care.

What You Should Know About Dog Teeth Cleaning Without Sedation

We believe you should know the following about our services:
  • Taking your pet to the vet can cause much unnecessary stress and anxiety. We minimise the fear of the experience by offering a mobile service that meets you at your home and uses no sedation.
  • Our services stand to save you much money. Anaesthesia is an expensive addition to your trip to the vet. Since we don’t use any drugs or anaesthesia, you pay between 40-60% less than you would by visiting the vet.
  • There is no recovery time involved when your pet has an anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning. You don’t have to worry about your pet experiencing pain or drowsiness. Once we’re done, they’ll be running up and down the house once again, but with a cleaner, brighter smile.

Common Misconceptions People Have About Sedation Free Dog Teeth Cleaning

Here’s a list of common misconceptions that people have about cleaning a dogs’ teeth without anaesthesia:

  • Sedation-free treatment will hurt my pet. This belief is not true since none of the tools we use is prone to causing injury. In most cases, our treatment is gentler.
  • Sedation is necessary during these kinds of treatments. Anaesthesia free dog teeth cleaning takes a person who not only understands your dog’s oral health needs but also has extensive training in working with dogs when they are feeling uncertain. A veterinarian office is not the ideal place for this procedure as this environment has too many distractions and to be quite frank veterinarian are not trained in advanced dog behaviour to be able to offer anaesthesia free dog teeth cleaning so their approach is anaesthesia only as this is the only option they offer.
  • My dog’s teeth seem clean enough; I don’t think it needs treatment. From 18 months of age, they should be having their teeth cleaned every six to twelve months regardless. If your dog has poor oral hygiene, it can lead to heart, kidney, liver, and bone problems. Just because you don’t see visible damage, does not mean it isn’t building up.

Why We’re Your Best Choice for No Anaesthesia Dog Teeth Cleaning

Our dentist, Brian, has lectured at veterinary schools in California, has been an official dentist for US Olympic horses, and has considerable experience and furthered education when it comes to animal dentistry. With his experience, we’re able to offer a quick service that lasts only around an hour and a half. Additionally, our service is entirely mobile, so you don’t have to go anywhere. Not to mention you’ll be saving money.

Whether you’re looking for excellent, trustworthy service, a drug-free alternative to your pet’s oral treatments, or merely want your pet to remain as comfortable as possible during dental check-ups, our services offer it all. So, if your dog needs some quality dental care, give us a call. Their smiles will be gleaming in no time.

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