Did you know that there is a safer way of having your dog’s teeth cleaned without the use of anaesthesia, and in the comfort of your own home, with our unique mobile dog teeth cleaning service? While veterinarians have been offering pet dental services for many years, it is always under anaesthesia, which is known to have risks to animals.

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental offers a safe and convenient alternative to the often traumatic use of anaesthetics.

What You Stand to Gain if You Use Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

Up to 80% of animals have some form of tooth or gum issue by the age of two. Only they cannot tell you, even when they are in pain. Animals are likely to continue eating to survive, but some signs include bad breath, trouble eating, pawing at the mouth, or changes in demeanour and behaviour.
  • Dental diseases can cause kidney, liver, and heart disease in pets, leading to a reduction in life expectancy of up to five years.
  • A trip to the veterinarian for a teeth cleaning is likely to be costly and very stressful on your pet.
  • By going the traditional veterinarian route, your pet – and you – face a long and uncomfortable recovery time as it generally takes a while for pets to shake off the after-effects of anaesthesia.

Why Mobile Dog Dental Cleaning is The Best Option For Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene Needs

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental offer a unique pet dental hygiene service that is drug and anaesthesia free, completely painless and convenient, as it is done within a familiar environment – your home.
  • The procedure is painless and much less traumatic for your pet than the alternative, which includes a stressful trip to the veterinarian and receiving anaesthesia.
  • There is no recovery time required. The moment the procedure is over, your pet will carry on with regular play as if nothing has happened.
  • We are very mindful of your pet’s emotional wellbeing and do our best to make sure that he or she is entirely at ease before, during and after the procedure.

About Fresh Breath Doggie Dental

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental is owned by Brian Borg, a leading equine dentist in the USA and Australia. He is a dental hygienist for dogs, cats and other, larger animals, who has been working with animals for the past 35 years and focusing on dentistry for the last two decades. We are passionate about animals, and by offering an anaesthesia-free, mobile dog dental cleaning service, we help you to look after your pet’s health and increase its life expectancy and quality of life. Zero anaesthesia teeth cleaning was first pioneered in the US approximately 25 years ago. We mainly work with dogs but are willing and able to work with cats as well. Contact us today for a free quote.
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